About Us

Girevik Gives Back is a community of Kettlebell Sport athletes in Singapore. Founded by  Strength Avenue and Alphafit, the two premiere Kettlebell gyms in Singapore, Girevik Gives Back aims to grow the sport and provide a platform for all gireviks to showcase their strength and the results of their training over the months and years.

This year, we are bringing together two classic events, the Singapore Kettlebell Championship and our local homegrown community event, Girevik Gives Back Novice meet, to the same platform at the Marina Bay Sands Expo & Convention Centre.

Held as a part of actiFIT Asia 2020, this event is set to be a great backdrop for a massive gathering of all our Kettlebell Sport enthusiasts and professionals!

About actiFIT Asia

actiFIT Asia is the definitive health, sports & fitness expo in Asia bringing together professionals, enthusiasts & businesses to Discover, Exchange and Experience.