GGB Novice Meet or WKSF-SKC?

Many of our athletes have been wondering whether to sign up for the Girevik Gives Back Novice Meet, or the WKSF Singapore Kettlebell Championship.

Here are some considerations you should take into account for your own kettlebell lifting journey, before signing up.

(1) Kettlebell Weight
For many, the immediate distinguishing factor that helps them decide between the two events would be the weight of kettlebell that they want to train or compete with. For example:

16 kg12 kg12 kg8 kg
20 kg16 kg14 kg10 kg
24 kg20 kg16 kg12 kg
32 kg24 kg

(2) Type of Lift

The type of events available for the Girevik Gives Back Novice Meet and the WKSF-SKC can also help you to determine which event to register for. For example, only the GGB Novice Meet has the option of One Arm Long Cycle or Two Arm Long Cycle events for Women, and also One Arm Jerk or Two Arm Jerk in the Biathlon for Women. Men’s events are only Two Arm, for GGB and SKC. In comparison, for SKC, Long Cycle and Jerk (Biathlon) events are all Two Arm for both Men and Women. If you are a female working solely with a single kettlebell for the Long Cycle, then your choice is clear!

Otherwise, check out the list below for the type of events available in either one of our events:

Girevik Gives Back Novice MeetSingapore Kettlebell Championships
One Arm Long Cycle (Women / Youth only)Long Cycle
Two Arm Long Cycle (for all)Biathlon
Biathlon (One Arm Jerk & Snatch) (Women / Youth only)Jerk Only
Biathlon (Two Arm Jerk & Snatch) (for all)Snatch
Snatch (for all)

Other key differentiating factors to note:

(1) Bodyweight Classes

In GGB, there are no bodyweight classes, and you will be ranked according to a coefficient score as follows:

Coefficient Score = Reps x Kettlebell Weight ÷ Bodyweight

In SKC, the bodyweight classes are outlined in the table below, and all participants must ensure they do not exceed the bodyweight class that they have signed up for. Participants who do not meet the requirements of the weight classes will be bumped up into the next weight class, and can be allowed to lift but will not qualify for ranking by WKSF nor medals.

63.00 kg and under52.00 kg and under
68.00 kg and under58.00 kg and under
74.00 kg and under65.00 kg and under
80.00 kg and under75.00 kg and under
87.00 kg and underAbove 75 kg
95.00 kg and under
Above 95 kg

(2) Weigh-ins

Weigh-ins for SKC participants will be held 1 day before your competition. If your competition falls on a Sunday, you can weigh in any time on a Saturday, as long as an official is available to conduct your weigh in. If your competition falls on Saturday, you can weigh in on Friday. The latest that participants may weigh in is 30 mins before their competition is scheduled to begin.

GGB participants will weigh in on the same day of your competition, up to 2 hours prior to their competition timing, and as late as 30 mins before their competition slot.

Need help with Nutrition and Weight Cuts? Check this out!

(3) WKSF ranking

WKSF ranking is only available for SKC participants, and all SKC participants will be issued certificates signed by the WKSF Asia / Singapore Representative. The results achieved in SKC may also qualify participants for nominations for World or Asian Championships. Ranking tables are available in the spreadsheet below, with different tabs for Men and Women.

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