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It’s been a long time coming since we started thinking about organizing a novice and professional Kettlebell Sport competition. In 2018, AlphaFit and Strength Avenue joined forces, and started growing the local pool of Kettlebell Sport enthusiasts, through a community-driven initiative called Girevik Gives Back.

The initiative included fortnightly or monthly group training sessions for about 3 months, leading up to the Girevik Gives Back (Long Cycle) Novice Meet in May 2018, and the Girevik Gives Back (Snatch) Novice Meet in December 2018. Both events received amazing support and participation levels from our members.

With our local community training and preparing together for competitions, we saw that there was interest and a real possibility of organizing an event on a larger scale, and involving WKSF for a pro-level competition. This opportunity came up when we got to work with FitnessSG at their upcoming education and networking series conventions for fitness professionals, titled ExPRO Fitness Convention 2019 which will be held at Suntec.

We will be updating information on this website as we progress in our planning for the events, but in the mean time, we are ready for registrations.

The Girevik Gives Back Novice Meet will include one and two arm options for the Women, and only two arm options for the Men. However, there are no bodyweight categories. Scores will be calculated based on a coefficient derived from the participant’s bodyweight, kettlebell weight, and number of reps.

The Singapore Kettlebell Championship 2019 will feature only two-arm options for both Men and Women, and bodyweight categories according to the WKSF guidelines. There are no age categories for both.

Additionally, for both GGB and SKC, we will be having the Team Relay event as an add-on for competitors.

Full details and rules book will be updated under the Rules segment on this website.

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